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"Safety is not simply a statistic but a value that is instilled in everything we do"

Health & Safety

Saltbush Contracting strongly believes that the provision of a safe and healthy work environment for employees, contractor and organisation’s associated with our business activities, is not just an ethical and legal responsibility but also a necessity for us to achieve our primary mission of conducting mining and civil operations to the highest of standards.

Saltbush Contracting will take all reasonable and practical steps to improve work safety conditions and will strive to uphold its core values of safety, the environment, knowledge, integrity and leadership in order to achieve its goal of zero harm.

Saltbush Contracting aims to continuously review and improve its HSE Management Systems to ensure it is compliant with Australian Standard AS4801:2001 (Occupational health and safety management systems), and the relevant statutory requirements. In order to achieve this aim, we will use a continuous improvement approach through setting and achieving measurable targets and objectives through our annual review of our HSE Management Plan.

Saltbush Contracting will ensure that adequate resources are available to meet the aims and objectives of this policy.

These objectives include:

  • The prevention of workplace injuries and disease through our ‘zero harm’ commitment.

  • Ensuring compliance with all applicable health and safety laws, regulations, standards and other requirements applicable to our operations and maintaining our Occupational Health and Safety Management System.

  • Ensuring all employees and contractors are fully aware of their health and safety responsibilities and that they take reasonable care to avoid adversely affecting their own or others health and safety through any act of omission at work.

  • Providing and maintaining safe plant, equipment and work facilities.

  • Implementing risk identification and hazard management systems which are relevant and suitable for Saltbush Contracting operational and business activities.

  • Maintaining relevant policies, procedures, systems, information, training, recognition programs and organisation structures to support and communicate effective health and safety practices.

  • Maintaining a positive safety culture through encouraging active participation by involving employees andcontractors in the development of practices and procedures aimed at improvement of occupational health and safety performance.

  • Effectively managing and investigating incident occurrences.

Co-operation and consultation on health and safety amongst all parties in the workplace is an essential factor to achieving the objectives of this policy. We consider ourselves a team and through respect, trust and understanding, health and safety issues can be easily resolved.