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Bulk Haulage

Saltbush Contracting supplies 24/7 quality and affordable bulk haulage services to the mining, construction and agriculture industries. Our extensive truck and trailer fleet provides transport solutions to meet industry material handling requirements. With a tailored approach, we ensure the reliable delivery of materials and offer load and haul services as well as any run-of-mine ore/container handling requirements.

Using the latest technology in vehicle tracking systems we can monitor location, speed, driving hours and other vital information to ensure transport safety always. Our staff are well trained and are reuired to undertake full driver medicals as we are audited under Main Roads Accredited Mass Management Scheme (AMMS).

To meet the full range of our diverse client needs we maintain a large fleet of vehicles comprising any combination of Side Tipping, End Tipping, Water Transport, Fuel Transport and Container Trailers to offer complete supply-chain solutions.

Saltbush Contracting strives to be leaders in safety, efficiency and cost effectiveness for all our current and prospective clients.

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